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Mirotec pizza

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MIRo-TEC Pizza delivery Bag

Model: BB019016


When using MIRo-TEC® Reflective Technology, your pizza can retain the ‘fresh-out-of-the-oven’ presentation and taste you need for up to one hour!

By reflecting the pizza’s radiated heat; MIRo-TEC® Reflective Technology ‘maintains a superior temperature longer’ than other pizza delivery bags in the market today.

MIRo-TEC® Technology allows moisture to escape - crusts and toppings stay fresher...just the way they come from the oven!



MIRo-TEC® Technology:
•    Metalized material with micro
•    PVC coated fabric

Inside lining:
•    Heavy 180 gsm drill
• High-density foam    
•    Large clear receipt window    
•    3 and 5 boxes (15-inch pizza box)
•    440 x 460 x 200 mm
•    Velcro flap closure
Ripstop PV canvas:
•    Reinforcing stress points    

•    Infrared technology reflects heat from cooked pizza out of the oven
•    Wicks away moisture to eliminate soggy crusts, damp boxes
•    Maintains product quality    
•    Durable
•    Easy to clean
•    Resists stains

•    Easy to clean
•    Easy access
•    Accommodates any size pizza box up to 15 inch
•    Snug fit
•    Durability
•    Pizzas stay hot up to one hour- 50% hotter than a conventional bag
•    Gives greater customer satisfaction
•    Preserves ‘fresh out of the oven’ presentation and taste
•    Long service life
•    User friendly
•    Maintains quality
•    Keeps boxes clean and presentable
•    Delivery driver-friendly
•    Up to 3 or 5 pizzas in one bag
•    Aids in preserving pizza temperature
•    Long service life