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Knee & Elbow Protector

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Motorcycle Riding Knee & Elbow Protector

Riding Safety means staying comfortable and not letting injuries ruin your life. Safety equipment won't keep you completely injury-free, but in the case of an accident, may help reduce the severity of injuries. Here's a rundown of the safety features available to riders.


Knee and elbow guards can be a lifesaver when a biker meets an unexpected accident. These guards can help you to stay comfortable while riding a motorbike and not let you get severe injuries on your knees and elbows. If you are looking for quality knee & elbow guards, then Bag Box is the right place to order them.


Bag Box is a leading knee & elbow pad supplier in UAE offering the best products at the best prices. Made from durable and high-impact materials, the knee & elbow safety accessories protect legs and arms during an accident. They are perfect for long motorcycle trips and also ideal for individuals who are learning to ride a bike or scooter.


These knee & elbow guards are mounted with hard rubber caps for extra impact protection. They are lightweight and are available with a soft cushion pad on the inner side to provide comfort to the wearer. Available with an adjustable strap, the offered knee & elbow guards fit all sizes. You will get 2 elbow pads and 2 knee pads in a single kit.

For placing the order(s), contact us at the given numbers.

  • Ideal for motorcycle trips
  • Protect leg and arm during an accident
  • A set of 1 pair of Knee Pads & 1 pair of Elbow Pads
  • Additional inbox panel for extra protection
  • Small and lightweight for easy to carry