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Front Lid Opening - SQUARE

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GRP Home Delivery Box for Motorcycles- Front Loading Square


Model: BB20 - LC 505


Professionally hand made with high-grade Fiber reinforcement plastic delivery box that is very clean & hygienic, perfect for all kinds of deliveries. It is high strength yet light & maintenance-friendly.

Material outer:  GRP (Glass-reinforced plastic)

Material inner: GRP (Glass-reinforced plastic)

Dimension outer: 50*50*50 CM

Dimension Storage: 45*44*45 CM

Packaging Size: 61*61*57 CM/pcs

Color Option:  Customized

Branding Option - Customization

Washable: Yes

Removable interior

Convertible windows

Different branding options are available.


LED panel:

output 12V, 27 W, 4.5A
Screen Size: 41.5cm X 38cm
8mm thick with 4mm acrylic for branding and 4mm for LED
9 watts X 3 LED per box with total power 27 watts
Total LED Lams used 180 pcs with each lamp .15 watts
LED type is rigid strips
Minimum Life of LED is 24 months
Average power required for LED 12V