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Often we see the tragic results of injuries that the motorcyclists could have avoided if she or he was wearing a safety helmet. Many traumatic and fatalities, brain injuries could have been mitigated or even eliminated, had the driver wearing a helmet. BAGBOX Motorcycles Trading LLC provides customers and clients with the best helmets for your use. We are the best suppliers of the helmet for bike UAE.

Our products are popular all around the world including the North African and Middle East regions. People love and appreciate the quality of the products that we supply to our customers.

Why Should You Wear a Helmet?
The motorcycles are more likely to get crashed than cars. Therefore when the motorcycles crash, the riders lack the protection of an enclosed vehicle so they are more likely to get injured or killed. If you wear a helmet while you ride your motorcycle it will reduce the severity of the injury and potential trauma to the head, the probability of death and overall costs of the medical care also get reduced. This is why a helmet is important.

We understand the importance of the helmets and therefore we have designed to protect and cushion a rider's head from the crash or accident. This is much like the seatbelt that is found in cars. Though the helmets can not provide you with total protection, it can save your head injury and death.

Wearing a safety helmet reduces the incidence of both. According to the statics, the helmets are around 75% effective in reducing the crash fatalities. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that a rider who is not wearing a helmet is 45% more likely to suffer a fatal head injury and 15% more likely to acquire a nonfatal head injury than the motorcyclist wearing a helmet.

Therefore choose our helmets. We make sure that our helmets provide you with safety and security and keeps you comfortable. With our helmets, you can save yourself from the fatal head injuries as mentioned earlier.

The helmets that we supply to our customers and clients are tested and checked thoroughly by our experts and professionals and they are certified. We have listed them at an affordable rate so that all our