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Heat Pad

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Heat Pad

Model: BB18 - CH 805


The Bag box heat pad is heating technology that is suitable for delivering warm food which goes inside the delivery bags or backpack.

This healing element comes with the power cord that needs to be connected for maximum 5 minute to reach the 90 degree Celsius and helps to keep food warm enough for 30-35 minute inside the delivery bags.

Size: 32cmX 32CM

Charging time: 3 – 5 minute

Helps to keep food warm for 30- 40 minute


Bag Box MT is a well-known heat pad supplier in UAE. The offered heat pads are innovatively designed for food delivery boxes. These pads work by keeping the food warm for a long time in delivery boxes. The offered heat pad comes with a power cord that needs to be connected for only 5 minutes to reach 90 degrees Celsius. Thus, it helps to keep food items warm for 30 minutes to 1 hour inside the food delivery bags. These heat pads are made of FDA Approved Food Grade materials and are food-safe, re-useable, durable & excellent quality.

If you are looking to up-level your delivery game, then get the heat pads offered by Bag Box MT and extend your delivery range. The offered heat pads for food delivery bags can enhance the way you transport food. Moreover, you can get these heat pads at affordable prices.