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Beverage Pouch

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One of the newest innovation in the packaging industry is the pouch. These have a flexible packaging design and also have amazing benefits. Being the best suppliers of beverage pouch UAE, we provide our customers and clients with good quality products. We have a strong logistics system which helps us deliver products to customers all around the world including the Middle Eastern and North African regions.

When you think of packaged products, traditionally gels and liquids have gone into containers like cans, bottles and jars while dry goods into bags. As a container bag hybrids, the pouch that is available in the market works for both solids and liquid. This has evolved from the old regular bags and it is made using materials that are sealed at both the ends.

Following are some of the benefits of the beverage pouches that you get from our company. They are as follows:

The pouches that you get from our company are innovative and takes the middle ground between cans, bottles and jars. These are the best for storing beverages that are enjoyed by people. The consumers, retailers and manufacturers all gain from the use of these pouches.

For the manufacturers, the beverage packaging pouches helps in saving a lot on the shipping costs. This is because the pouches are far lighter than the jars and bottles. This allows for shipping of more products and less packaging and is also space saving. The jars, bottles and cans take up a lot of room in the warehouses and also on the trucks. But pouches take very less space. Cost reduction is one of the biggest benefits of using the pouches that we supply.

The beverage pouch of our company also provides benefits to the retailers once the product hits the shelf. These are ideal for the large graphics that explain what is inside. This also allows for the various display options as the pouches can also stand on the flat shelves.

The consumer's benefits of the stand up pouch packaging are also hard to beat, as in the area of convenience. The pouches are also ready for immediate use. They are extremely light in weight, portable and also unbreakable. These can prolong the lifespan of anything that is kept inside.

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