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Since, 2007

Top Lid Opening Box Square BB20 - LC 502


AED 950


GRP Home Delivery Box for Motorcycles- Top Lid Square

Model: BB20 - LC 502


Professionally hand made with high-grade Fiber reinforcement plastic delivery box that is very clean & hygienic, perfect for all kinds of deliveries. It is high strength yet light & maintenance-friendly.

Material outer:  GRP (Glass-reinforced plastic)

Material inner: GRP (Glass-reinforced plastic)

Dimension outer: 50*50*50 CM

Dimension Storage: 44*44.5*43 CM

Packaging Size: 61*61*57 CM/pcs

Color Option:  Customized

Washable: Yes

Removable interior

Convertible windows

Different branding options are available.

LED panel:

  • output 12V, 27 W, 4.5A
  • Screen Size: 41.5cm X 38cm
  • 8mm thick with 4mm acrylic for branding and 4mm for LED
  • 9 watts X 3 LED per box with total power 27 watts
  • Total LED Lams used 180 pcs with each lamp .15 watts
  • LED type is rigid strips
  • Minimum Life of LED is 24 months
  • Average power required for LED 12V