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Since, 2007

Skad box


AED 799


SKAD -World 1st illuminated delivery box concept

Model: BB20 - CH 501


SKAD boxes are manufactured from ABS & (PE) Plastic, a food-grade material keeping your health in mind. Built as per the international standards, these boxes efficiently retain the taste and texture of the food, delivering it fresh and keeping the box odour free. The SKAD box is also your unique cost-effective branding tool available to fit into any motorcycle.

SKAD Box Advantage: The SKAD box is an uncompromising fusion of advanced technology with superior design meant for food delivery & distribution.

  • World 1st illuminated concept with 3 interchangeable branding panels
  • advertising Panels Size: 400X400MM
  • Smooth edges for safety
  • Clean, hygienic and washable
  • SKAD boxes are environmentally friendly
  • Safe for delivering food as it is built by food grade material
  • Odour free
  • Superior design
  • Cost effective after sales

Outer Dimensions: width: 55cm Length: 52cm Height: 51.5cm  

Storage dimensions:  Width: 43.5cm Length: 44cm Height: 45cm