About Us

“Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.”    

While making the choice of coming to the city of gold, the present chairman of Bag Box Motorcycles Trading LLC never knew that a golden future is destined here for him. Taking every challenge as an opportunity to success, the young enthusiast started as a delivery boy at a known restaurant of Dubai. The road to success is never easy, nor was it for him. With firm determination and perseverance, he continued delivering his best. The fibre glass made delivery boxes prevalent in those days were quite troublesome for many reasons. They not just posed health hazards but were also unhygienic, smelly and carried high risk of food contamination. More worsening was the tropical conditions of Dubai. In summers, mercury touched upto 45°C raising the internal temperature of food boxes to as high as 60-70°C. At the same time, maintaining the right temperatures for hot food and cold beverages was a challenge. He being the delivery boy often faced the customers’ heat of food turning soggy and cold.

Moreover, there was always a risk of sharp edges of the box hurting the pedestrians. Once damaged, no repair was possible for these single moulded boxes and the only solution was total replacement of the box which turned out quite expensive. As a delivery boy he had to confront with these problems on day to day basis.

 It was in the year 2010, when luck came to him by chance. While delivering the order to Palm Jumeirah, he fortunately met the founder & chairman of SKAD, Mr. Carl Cervino who rightly judged his hidden talent and capabilities and offered a job in his company. SKAD was the world’s first and the leading supplier of scooters with patented cutting edge technology for illuminated integrated box. He accepted the proposal and joined SKAD as Sr. Sales Executive.


In the year 2015, the company decided to split manu-facturing & distribution units. At the same time this ambitious man working as Sr. Sales Executive in SKAD started his own venture under the company name of ‘Bag Box Motorcycles Trading LLC’. The SKAD showed trust & confidence in his entrepreneurial skills and gave the Promotion & Distribution rights of SKAD products for entire GCC to Bag Box Motorcycles Trading LLC.

Today Bag Box Motorcycles Trading LLC holds the leadership position in supply of high quality hygienic boxes & bags for food transportation.



• Bag Box is truly trusted solution providercompany and morally dedicated for home delivery asset solution.
• Bag Box carries more than 500 Hotels/Restaurant brands on its board in entire GCC.
• We understand the needs & value of our partners/ customers and provide them the high quality standard products.