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A purely dedicated company, providing food delivery asset solutions and serving more than 1000 clients across the globe.



world 1st illuminated concept with 3 interchangeable branding panels

Smooth edges for safety   •   Clean, hygienic and washable

SKAD boxes are environmentally friendly •  Safe for delivering food as it is built by food grade material

 Odour free •    Superior design •  Cost effective after sales



 •  1st we understand customers’ requirements • After we understand customers requirement & we provide solutions  •  We share our recommendation based on our experience  • 


 • RTA Dubai Approved Outer Size 50*50*50cm Boxes are Available with Us !

 • Ask us for Backpack  and delivery Bags Solutions !  •  Ask us for customize Backpack  and customize delivery Bags Solutions ! 

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  • Burgerfuel
  • Chowking
  • Sushi Counter
  • Circle
  • Charley's
  • Yummy Gourmet
  • The Frozen Yogurt
  • Max's Restaurant
  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen
  • 050 telecom
  • Lemon Grass

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