Product Code: BB106

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  1. Front-loading insulated food delivery Bags: The design of this bag allows easy access to packaged foods like pizzas and meals inside the bag. The orders could be stacked on shelves inside the bag.
  2. Thick Thermal Insulation: The insulated food delivery bags are made of 3 layers of
  3. insulation to keep the food fresh and warm throughout delivery.
  4. Lightweight and durable YKK zippers: Our Japanese brand YKK zippers provide durability for years ensuring a smooth zip every time!
  5. Waterproof and water-repellent fabric: Our insulated food delivery bags are made of Gotek 900D polyester, PU coated with hydrophobic treatment.
  6. Antibacterial treatments are applied to the fabric to prevent the growth of bacteria and microbes in the bag, making it suitable for food transport.
  7. Heavy-duty, reinforced handles: The insulated food delivery bags are equipped with easy top handles that add extra value to the structure of the bag.
  8. Aluminium hard frame: Keeps the bag sturdy and in shape for years.
  9. Rigid Plastic foot stand: Keeps the bag from dirt when placing it on the ground.
  10. Modular delivery bag system allows you to upgrade, adapt, or transform the bag to suit your operation:

ADD ONS available for this model:

  • Internal separator: Shelf that separates the bag in to 2 or more compartments. Hence, it can hold more food in an organized way possible.
  • Internal heated bag: a separate bag that can be added to the bag.
  • Internal cold compartment: Can be added to the bag which helps in delivering mixed orders (hot and cold) in one solution.
  • Aluminium or acrylic tray for cups.